Monday, October 11, 2010

The Structure (In Progress)

Materials: Plywood with Veneer Sheet. The depressions on the top surface are made of laminate (1mm) so that it is thin enough for the RFID reader to read the tags embedded in the blocks.

Framework of Plywood, and covered with laminate on all sides. The RFID tags will be stuck to the inner surface of the laminate.

Next steps: 
-Attaching the RFID reader circuits under the table surface
-Linking the final videos to the code
-Instruction Manual
-Print Material (Stickers for blocks etc- The following images are just to give an idea of the colour scheme and style)

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Saakshita Prabhakar said...

oye i thought the buzz comments come here stoopid..great work. im liking the graphic style..hatke and mazedaar. the list is not that bad you'll come out with flying style work