Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Immediate next steps

-I am currently looking at the traditional devices/techniques that are used to teach mathematics: The history of the abacus, and how it used in simple as well as complex calculations.


-Vedic mathematics- Patterns and techniques- The 16 sutras

-I will be visiting the Maths Mela next week:
Prithvi Theatre (Mumbai), along with the British Council Library has organized a month long Maths festival which is being hosted across different schools in Mumbai. The Maths Mela is an unconventional engagement with the subject, where the focus is on the concepts and applications of mathematics. The activities in the Mela include- Workshops, Maths lab, Games, Film screenings and live performances.

-I will be meeting a professional in the field of alternative mathematics education in Mumbai next week- Ms. Premla Rajkumar. I have already discussed my project idea with her, and she had a few interesting points to make.

-Consolidating and analyzing research- Looking at everything together, and then narrowing down in terms of which aspect/mathematical concept I want to work with- Deciding the direction I will be taking in terms of form (Keeping in mind that the system/structure that I will be designing could be used to demonstrate a range of aspects/concepts-Scope for expansion)

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