Thursday, September 9, 2010

Concept: 4th Draft

The third version of the needed some tweaking, to make the system tighter.The main changes are:
There will be no 'Comparison' block, since that is mainly a tool, and does not add to the narrative building. When two characters are placed together, the comparison of their sizes is automatically generated on screen.
The 'Properties' are separated from the 'Modifiers'. This makes the structure more flexible, and increases the possibilities of interactions.
(As of now I am working with four faces per block, keeping in mind the time frame. This system is open to expansion though.)

The 5 Blocks:


(The above images are just to give an idea of how the interactions between blocks relate to the animations on screen. This is not the illustration style I will be using for my animations- Still working on that.)

I am working on Characters, and the visual style of the animations. The images above give an idea of the look and feel of the animations, colour scheme, tone etc.
Key elements:
'Weird' Characters
Mixed Media
Incorporating Data Visualization, without making it look clinical.

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'weird' characters? hehe what fun! Good luck to you too <3