Monday, September 6, 2010


Feedback from Victor:
  • Separate the Modifiers from the Properties (D, S and T)
    -Properties: Speed, Distance, Time, Size, Quantity
    -Modifiers: Double, Triple, Halve, Square, Quarter
 (The above images are work in progress. The system needs some more work, will upload the 4th draft shortly.)

  • Represent the mathematics visually
    -No numbers
    -Graphical representation
    -True or false- Use the compare block to test, instead of calculate

Feedback from teachers at M.A.I.S:
  • Add an element of ‘process’ to the mathematical data
  • Can the child map out his/her flow? How he/she arrived at any particular problem, solution or story?
  • Since this is a mathematical tool, it will be more effective with the use of numbers, instead of a graphical representation (Unless the math concepts are more ‘spatial’ than ‘numerical’)

To-do this week:
  • Finalize the system
  • Character explorations
  • Visual Style
  • Create a web simulation

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