Monday, August 30, 2010


Figuring out the system and interactions:
To make it easier to understand how the model works, I started exploring the permutations and combinations with building blocks. I realized that the system is still quite complicated, and including different scenarios and situations which interact with each other would be too difficult to interact with, as well as program.

Meeting with Victor:
Adding stories within the tool is not necessary- Let the child explore and play with the options and create their own narrative.
In the current system, there are fixed options within the scenario, which diverts from the main focus of “mathematics”-Too complex (to understand, interact with, and program)
SIMPLIFY- There can be many options with just 3-4 blocks, and is easier for a child to understand/play with.


Wind up bird said...

they look so cute. i want to play this augmented reality thing RIGHT now.

i know they are just prototypes but still!

Akshataa Vishwanath said...

hehe..these are too rough to even be prototypes! And besides, this is no longer an option anymore..have to rethink a lot of things :(
but thanks :)